If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard an adult tell a child that the child’s job is to learn, I’d be a very rich woman.  What most adults leave unsaid is “what I’ve decided you need to learn.”  That what most adults mean when they tell children that the child’s job is to learn; they just don’t say it quite so plainly.

A child’s role in self-directed learning is still to learn, but it is not to learn what someone else has arbitrarily decided for them that they need to learn.

To choose what they will learn about.

To choose when they will learn.

To choose how much of it to learn.  How deeply to dive into the material.  How broadly to seek information. How many rabbit holes to explore.

To choose which materials they will use to learn what they want to learn.  A video?  Sure.  A piece of literature? Sure.  A textbook or class?  Sure.  A lecture?  Sure.  Experimenting on their own?  Sure.  Utilizing a mentor? Sure.  

A child’s role is self-directed learning is that simple.  To ask questions and to seek answers.


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