Welcome to the Objections to Self-Directed Homeschooling! You might be the skeptic, or maybe you’ve got naysayers in your circle. I will be spending the next few months addressing common objections to self-directed homeschooling. As I release each post, the title here will become a clickable link that you can follow to the post for more information.

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  • I could never unschool.
  • The kids will be ill-prepared for the real world.
  • It’s crazy to allow children to make such big decisions about the course of their educations.
  • Unschooling parents are lazy and uninvolved in their children’s educations.
  • How will kids ever learn to follow rules?
  • Unschooling parents don’t discipline their kids.
  • The kids won’t learn basic skills for success.
  • The kids won’t learn self-discipline.
  • How will unschooled kids learn respect for authority?
  • Unschooled kids won’t be able to cope in structured environments.
  • Knowledge must be explicitly taught in a person-to-person manner.
  • The kids will be socially awkward.
  • Sometimes unpleasant things are unavoidable. How will unschooled kids learn to do them?
  • Learning can’t always be fun.
  • What about math, reading, and spelling?
  • Unschooled kids will end up with huge gaps in their educations.
  • There are just certain things kids need to learn whether they like it or not.
  • My kids would only want to watch TV or play video games all day.
  • My kids need structure.
  • Structured schooling provides motivation.

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