Here’s my disclaimer: I am not out to vilify teachers or kids in school. Please keep that in mind whenever you read any of my posts. I am critical of the system. I fundamentally disagree with the philosophy of education that prevails within the existing public education system and much of those in the private school sector as well.

However, I have the utmost respect for the overwhelming majority of public and private school teachers. They have a hard job, one that I certainly wouldn’t want – especially as the freedom and creativity that teachers used to have in their classrooms is choked out by high-stakes testing and the federal government’s increasing meddling in what should be a local and state issue.

Several of my dearest friends are teachers. They sink their hearts and souls into their students. They care about their students. They want their students to succeed and to love learning.

I also don’t want anyone to mistake my contempt of the system for contempt for the children in it. Many of the children who mean the most to me personally go to public schools. Most of my teenagers’ friends are in school. My experience on a personal level with kids who are in school has been similar to my experience with homeschooled kids: they’re kind, respectful, polite, smart, ambitious young people.

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